Busy, weird week

Between the news of the horrible tragedy at Virginia Tech (we’re all Hokies this week!), a slightly hectic, double trip to the beach and another offer on a new house, we’ve had a busy, weird time lately.

Last week the kids were off from school, so on Thursday we drove to Atlantic Beach, to join a friend and her daughter at her beach house. Friday, I drove back to Durham, where Laura and I made an offer on a house and had a nice night out on the town. Saturday, I drove to Raleigh, where Piedmont Biofuels had its annual membership meeting at the McKimmon Center (nice digs!). I had promised to present the Durham update to the members, which I did. After that, I hopped back in the car and cruised back to the beach, for another walk in the sand and a couple of margaritas.  Sunday, we cleaned up, I packed the kids into the car and we took off, in the midst of huge downpours from this nasty cold front that was sweeping into the area. This front had brought tornadoes to the Midwest and I think some funnel clouds were spotted in North Carolina as well. I find it a bit nerve-wracking to drive on those coastal highways in such downpours, because the roads have these huge ditches on the side, and in the rain they fill with water – up to 8 feet in some places. If the car slides off the road, you’re likely to end up in the water and drown! Anyway – we made it home with no problem.

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