Germany is Handball World Champion!

Handball ChampionsCongratulations to the German Team Handball Men’s Team! Today they defeated Poland in the final 29:24 (17:13) and won the Worldcup for Germany in Germany!

This is rather amazing – expectations were not very high before the tournament, but the German team really came together and played some amazing handball. And after the football Worldcup last year, the whole country appears to have been swept up by another wave of enthusiasm and cheerful patriotism.
Photo: DPA

This triumph is especially nice, as it brings handball out of the shadow of football, which is the dominant team sport in Germany. Yet handball has deep roots in Germany and it is less corrupted by money and egos that football. It is a great sport and the German players won many more fans for their sport this weekend.

FYI: Team handball, AKA field handball, or European handball is not to be confused with American handball.

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