Toxic tanker impounded

Greenpeace blocks the toxic tanker Probo KoalaThanks to intense activism by Greenpeace , the ship involved in the Abidjan toxic waste scandal, the Probo Koala, was impounded by Estonian police and a criminal investigation appears to be under way.

For three days, the Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise blocked the Probo Koala in the Estonian harbor of Paldiski. The activists painted the words EU TOXIC CRIME SCENE on the Probo Koala in order to draw attention to the fact that this ship is implicated in a toxic waste scandal that has killed eight people and injured thousands.

The Probo Koala, a Korean-built, Greek-managed, Panamanian-flagged and Dutch-chartered tanker, unloaded several hundred tons of toxic waste which were dumped in the sewers and open dumps of the city of Abidjan in Côte D’Ivoire, West Africa. The charter company, of course, “had no idea” that the waste was going to be illegally disposed of.

Yeah, they dock in Abidjan and in the middle of the night they unload their toxic sludge on trucks that disappear into the African night. No, they suspected nothing. Seemed all perfectly normal. Some fat envelopes change hands. No problemo. Seemed all perfectly legal. Yeah.

Anyway, maybe for once the crooks won’t get away with it. Maybe.

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