Biodiesel from sewage-pond algae

The Kiwis have figured out how to turn shit into money:

A New Zealand company has successfully turned sewage into modern-day gold.

Marlborough-based Aquaflow Bionomic yesterday announced it had produced its first sample of bio-diesel fuel from algae in sewage ponds.

It is believed to be the world’s first commercial production of bio-diesel from “wild” algae outside the laboratory – and the company expects to be producing at the rate of at least one million litres of the fuel each year from Blenheim by April.
NZ firm makes bio-diesel from sewage in world first by Errol Kiong, New Zealand Herald – National News 12.05.06

In the meantime the US government is flushing our money down the toilet.

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  1. Phil Feigel Says:

    Interested in algae based sewage treatment notions for biodiesel
    production. Have some ideas and would like to trade.