Immigration amnesty makes America stronger

source: CNN.COMToday many immigrants took to the streets to show flag – the American flag – and to show America that they are as American as apple pie, and that they have the right to their slice of the pie.

As I have said before, there are quite pragmatic reasons why everyone who truly cares for this country should support a full amnesty for all otherwise law-abiding, peaceful immigrants, if they have no papers. These newcomers are highly motivated to contribute to the best of their abilities to the economy. Being forced to hide, shackles their ability to be productive and represents a serious loss of entrepreneurship. Forcing immigrants underground has created a violent, antisocial dynamic along the southern border in which crime and corruption flourish. Not only is it expensive to try to arrest and deport people crossing the border ($1,700 per person (pdf)), the coyote economy along the border makes it actually easier for the real bad guys to get in, because it reduces the probability they will be caught.

Beyond increasing productivity, saving taxpayer money, and making America safer, there is also a moral value to a comprehensive amnesty for immigrants: allowing people to pursue a dream of success through work and entrepreneurship is simply the American Way. That’s what the American Dream is all about, is it not? It’s not about slamming the door behind you!? It’s about opportunities. It’s about open doors!

For me, that is what America is all about. That’s what I experienced, and that’s why I am still here – despite my frustration about what is going on in this country. The American Dream is all about taking risks to better yourself, about creating opportunities, and about the creativity to seize the opportunity. America has created this dream, has emblazoned it on its banner, hammered it into iron, chiseled it into the pedestal of Liberty and posted it to the Internet. But it has yet to fully live up to its own dream. This dream is alive, but it is not well.

IMMIGRATION AMNESTY MAKES AMERICA STRONGER because it strengthens America’s commitment to this dream it has created. If millions of law-abiding, hard-working immigrants in America are turned into criminals, the American Dream will turn yet more into a mirage. If America has the courage and wisdom to make a commitment to these people, it can prove that this country still values its heritage and its promise to the world. It can show the world that despite mistakes and defeats, despite its so-called President, America still does stand for Freedom and Prosperity and Opportunity for all.

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