Cool car, cheap and 157 MpG

Sure, you can argue about the styling – I have seen much worse, especially in the less-than- $15.000-category. And I’ve seen much, much worse in the a-new-mortgage-for-every-fillup category.
Loremo front view
This little vehicle is pretty revolutionary in many ways: to enter it you flip open the entire front (see below the fold); the structure of the passenger cabin is light-weight and very safe (Loremo claims).
This little car will be powered by a simple, small turbo-diesel engine that only uses 1.5 liters of diesel on 100 kilometers (equivalent to 157 miles per gallon). No high-tech hybrid, fancy techno-tricks, just brute-force economy. It’s that type of innovation that will keep humanity mobile, probably on biodiesel, after peak-oil hits, and long after the dinosaurs (Ford, GM) will have shut down the last of their factories.

Loremo side view

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