Peace King Loonacy

The Reverend Moon is at it again, promoting an idea so breathtakingly absurd that he should get a prize for it: a highway tunnel from Alaska to Siberia!

Rev. Sun Myung Moon, the South Korean giant of the religious right who owns the Washington Times, is on a 100-city speaking tour to promote his $200 billion “Peace King Tunnel” dream. As he describes it, the tunnel would be both a monument to his magnificence, and a totem to his prophecy of a unified Planet Earth. In this vision, the United Nations would be reinvented as an instrument of God’s plan, and democracy and sexual freedom would crumble in the face of this faith-based glory.
AlterNet: Neil Bush Meets the Messiah

So far, so crazy. But guess who is a featured speaker on Moon’s crusade for the Peace King Lunacy? The prezman’s younger brother Neil Bush. Yeah – the younger Bush is tagging along with the Moonies to promote this project, which is, according to the Moonie brochures, “God’s fervent desire,” dwarfing such past wonders as the Chunnel and heralding a “new era of automobile travel.”

Looking for a good laugh? Check out the video of Moon’s coronation as the worlds messiah and peace king at the Senate Office building (yes – the United States Senate!) last year.

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