Biodiesel in Asheville

Biodiesel pumpOn my trip to the mountains, I filled up at the biodiesel pump in Asheville operated by Blue Ridge Biofuels. It’s a public pump, which is still pretty rare. Most pumps in North Carolina are coop-operated pumps that are not accessible to the public (like our Juicebox).

This pump seemed pretty busy – there were several guys filling up their pickup trucks and someone with a NewBeetle TDI getting the “good juice.” There was also a TV news team interviewing a guy about his grease car. Not bad for a Wednesday afternoon at the local biodiesel pump!

BTW – the highway mileage for my Jetta on pure biodiesel is up to 50 miles per gallon (with the bike on the rack). This was the first time I took the car on a longer trip, so it was a great opportunity to experiment with different driving styles and the resulting fuel efficiency. And the car really handles and performs quite well on the mountain roads.

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