Mountain biking in Tsali

A little on-the-road blogging from the mountains. I am in western NC for a couple of days, to install some new equipment at our lab in Sylva. When I come up here I always bring my bike along. This afternoon, after I finally got it all working, I strapped the bike to the car and headed over to Tsali Recreation Area to hit the trails.

It was 42 deg F, with a light drizzle, and a gusty breeze blowing across the mountains – what can I say – a perfect evening for a little ride through the woods. There were three other guys out there, a Welsh guy who lives in the area, a guy from Asheville and a guy from Berlin. I had a little trouble with the bike, and had to turn around after a few hundred meters.

When I finally hit the trail for real, I had an hour of – uh – “daylight” left. The Welsh guy had recommended the Thompson Loop Trail, so I rode seven miles along Fontana Lake and back across some the hills. Fantastic ride! I got back after 50 Minutes, and 15Minutes later it got dark, and I was on my way back to the hotel. I think I’ll go back tomorrow morning for another round, before I head back to Durham.

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