Wilma makes history

Tropical Storm Wilma is the 21st named storm of this season, making this the busiest hurricane season ever. Considering that this season included one of the worst natural disasters on the US mainland (Katrina) and one of the 30 deadliest hurricanes (Stan), as well as one of the easternmost hurricanes ever (Vince), this is a truly remarkable season.

The historic Hurricane Season of 2005 now has the distinction of being the busiest ever. Wilma’s formation this morning gives 2005 21 named storms, equaling the mark set in 1933. With over six weeks still left in hurricane season, that mark will likely be surpassed.
Jeff Master’s Blog

To a large extent, as far as I understand, this record season of destructive storms was triggered by unusually warm waters in the Carribbean. I think this should give every global-warming-denier pause.

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