Hurricane Vince

Vince - Sunday October 9, 17 GMTThis is the first time a letter “V” storm was recorded since they started naming storms in the N. Atlantic. And Vince is one of the eastern-most tropical storms ever recorded, Jeff Masters notes:

Vince is in a strange location, but not unprecedented. Vince is pretty far east–16.6 West longitude at the 5am EDT advisory–but there have been hurricanes that have been even further east than Vince. For example, in 1965, Hurricane Carol made it to 16 West near the coast of Portugal before being downgraded from a tropical storm to a tropical depression. And in 1961, Hurricane Debbie hit Ireland as a Category 1 hurricane, passing longitude 8 West before losing hurricane characteristics. So, Vince’s location isn’t unprecedented. But this sure is a weird exclamation mark to put on the end of a once-in-a-lifetime hurricane season!
Wunder Jeff Master’s Blog at Weather Underground

Why are they NAMING storms, anyway?
(Image credit: Navy Research Lab, Monterey, CA.)

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