The pope in Deutschland

Pope Panzerfaust with beer and pretzelPope Panzerfaust rolled into Köln today, threw his scull cap into the cheering mob and slid down the handrail of the gangway. No, he did not kiss the ground – he’s doing the ecclesiastical slide! Yeah, he’s now da man! Check out all the young Christians, screaming and fainting, when they catch a glimpse of the pope-man. You think the chicks are crazy about Mister P.? Take a look at the some of the guys ;) …

Yeah, he’s the man to stem the tide of young people fleeing the catholic church. Just look at him, a trust-inspiring father-figure, yet hip and edgy, not afraid to rock the boat, ruffle some feathers, shake some booty … The grand-inquisitor-turned-grand-inspirator is here: “Let Christ surprise you.” What a message! Yeah, baby, we looove surprises. What a man!

(hilarious pope-photoshop job via

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