Africa blog roundup

Over at Au Village, my friend Agbessi has posted some of his horrific experiences as a student in Togo, at the Universié du Benin in Lomé. I saw the tension between the students and the “security” forces myself when I was in Togo.

Akila is trying to get used to his glasses

Maggie went to a wedding in the D. R. of Congo:

i have been pretty timid about whipping the camera out just anywhere, so i asked virgine if it would be alright to take some pictures and she gave me the go ahead. as SOON as i had the camera out a woman from the crowd grabbed me and pulled me up next to the family of the groom, so i could have access to take pics of anything i wanted… as long as i took a picture of her as well and promised to send it back. i nodded and promised and will hold to it.

Ethan has some insights into the workings of the Global Voices aggregator.

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