Result of so-called election official

Hardly surprising: Togo’s constitutional court, anointed by the the ruling RPT, announced that the the RPT’s “candidate” Faure Gnassingbe will be Togo’s new ruler:

The opposition, desperate for change after 38 years of rule by Gnassingbe’s father, refused to concede defeat on Tuesday.

“The results are unacceptable, we are going to mobilise the population because we have no other option,” Jean-Pierre Fabre, leader of the main UFC opposition party, told IRIN. “Our only option is to resist by all the means available to us constitutionally.”
Father-son transition made official as thousands continue to flee – Reuters Alertnet, 03 May 2005

So Baby Eyadema is going to take over the family business. The billions of dollars Eyadema squeezed out of this poor, troubled country for his clan apparently are not enough.

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