Serious cereal incident in Arizona desert

TOMBSTONE, ARIZONA – A frat boy/reality-TV/border vigilante/republican prankster caused a serious border incident when he shared a cereal bowl with a hungry and thirsty guy from Mexico walking across the Arizona desert.

The ACLU says the Mexican man was held against his will and photographed with a mocking slogan.

Jesus’ General has a photo and a word, or two, of advice, for this Barton guy.

The Mexican government has warned it will file civil suits against anyone who lays a finger on Mexican nationals, Reuters reports.

The so-called Minuteman Project fired the guy, because he violated policy:

Project volunteers are only allowed to observe suspected aliens and then report those observations to the Border patrol. The project co-founder, Chris Simcox, said, “The volunteer’s actions were admirable, justified and undeniably humane, but unfortunately they jeopardized our established procedures and overall purpose of passively monitoring the border. It’s unfortunate, but we had to dismiss him from further participation.”The Minuteman Project News release

And what do these so-called Minuteman guys think they are doing? Are they trying to ruin the U.S. economy by keeping workers from Mexico out?

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