Two Thousand Demonstrate in Lomé

The BBC reports that the demonstrators were demanding a delay of the April 24 presidential election. According to LeTogolais, the demonstrators demanded transparent and fair elections. The article quotes representatives of the opposition as saying that the way the preparations are going and with the short time until the elections, there is no way the elections are going to be free and fair in any way:

“D’abord le délai est court et la manière dont les choses se déroulent, ne pourra jamais aboutir à une élection transparente et libre et cela nous inquiète”, a expliqué un de ces responsables. L’opposition radicale a demandé mardi à une mission de parlementaires ouest-africains, venus à Lomé s’enquérir de l’organisation de cette élection, un “réaménagement” du calendrier du scrutin.

So the opposition wants to “adjust the schedule” for the election, but “Baby Eyadema’s” RPT is still in charge of running the election. and has no interest in giving the opposition more time to get organized on the ground. I wish I knew more about what the opposition is doing to reach their voters in the towns and villages. I think suitcase radios would be a great tool in an election campaign in rural Africa.

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