Cleo and Apache

Today, we took our 15-year-old mare Cleo on her first date. We drove her to a horse farm nearby where she well be spending the next 2 weeks with this dashing tobiano Walking Horse stallion. His name is Ebony’s Midnight Rainbow, or just Apache (on the left in the pic below).


Apache is 17 years old and he is a registered Walking Horse stallion, and he has fathered several dozen healthy foals.


Apache and Cleo had a really good first date. There was a fair amount of running around, nickering and he did this barking noise that stallions do. But he also saw that she is not in heat yet and so he went back to eating his grass. All in all, he is a pretty laid-back fella, which is why we’re pasture-breeding Cleo with him.  Nice color, healthy hoofs and a good personality – the two of them should produce a great foal.

More pictures below the fold.




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