Groucho Marx was a fan of Alice Cooper

First installment of “trivia that blows my mind” … yeah, Groucho Marx and Alice Cooper were buddies. Look at them having breakfast …

Here is what Alice said recently about his friendship with Groucho:

Well Groucho Marx – I grew up on Groucho Marx. The Marx Brothers, every time they were on, I would sit and watch them and laugh like crazy because they were so funny. I never thought I would get a chance to meet Groucho. And so the deal was, he came to one of the shows. And when he came to the show, they asked him “what did you think of Alice Cooper?” and he said “Alice is the last chance for Vaudeville.” And I took that as a real compliment, because what we do is a dark humor, rock n’ roll style of Vaudeville, and he had seen the guillotine and the snake before in Vaudeville. There had been acts that were like that. And then we got to be very good friends. He was sharp as a tack, even when he was 86 years old his mind was as sharp as it ever was. And it was so much fun to hang out with Groucho Marx.

Blows my little mind …


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