R.I.P. Meme

Sadly, on April 17, our beloved little black poodle Meme passed away due to a terrible accident. We had inherited Meme in Oct. 2011 from Laura’s mom Dolores. Meme had been a faithful and cheerful companions to Dolores for several years, and so when Dolores passed away, Meme came with us to North Carolina. It was quite an adjustment for Meme, going from being a mostly-indoors, lap-sitting companion dog to a life as a “farm dog,” with horses, emus and an old, feisty cat or two to contend with. But over time she got in touch with her “inner dog” and started to enjoy rolling in horse poop, chasing the geese and the squirrels, and – her favorite – riding in the truck with her nose out the window and in the wind. She also learned¬† several tricks, like “roll over”,¬† “jump” and how to walk on her hind legs. We’ll miss that little dog and her silly tricks.

Meme’s problem was that she never understood that she should not get under foot with the horses. Especially with Cleo, who liked to chase her. So that fateful night Laura and I went out into the pasture to give Wally and Cleo a goodnight treat. Meme was right on our heels. When Cleo saw the dog, she wanted to chase her around, but it was dark and Meme was black … and so Cleo could not see her really well … and Meme did not get out of the way … and so Cleo stepped on Meme and killed her. At least it was quick and Meme did not know what was coming. We are sure Cleo did not intend any harm. Poor Meme. We miss her.

One Response to “R.I.P. Meme”

  1. Agbessi Says:

    Oh man. Sorry to read this. I’ll miss Meme whenever I come to visit you guys.