Some truck repair

Last weekend I spent some quality time under the truck, fixing some stuff that’s been bothering me for a while. I finally found the idle adjustment screw and turned up the engine idle speed a notch, so that the truck doesn’t just die on me all the time when the engine is cold.

I also installed the new fuel shutoff solenoid I bought a while ago from LarryB’s. The previous owner had a manual shutoff lever installed in the cab when the solenoid died. So to stop the engine you had to push in the lever. Now it works in a more civilized manner again – when you turn off the ignition the engine stops.

Finally, I also completed the installation of the truck’s fancy new headlamps. The old ones were faded and scratched, so I bought new headlamps and installed them early last year. The headlights have some LEDs, but I never bothered to connect them until now. It was worth it – the LEDs are really bright and look great.

I also made a list of stuff I need for the front end rebuild. I think I’ll tackle that soon …

some details: The idle adjustment is a 10mm nut right behind the throttle linkage. When the engine is warm, it idles now at about 850 RPM.

To get to the position lights/blinker you have to remove the headlight. Us a long extension with a swivel link and a 10mm nut to remove the 3 screws from the front. Going in from the inside is a real pain and you really can’t get to the amber light at all.

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