Doughman 2012


Thanks to Suzanne Unger Young for the photos in this post

The 2012 Doughman race was another great success for team @Overheight When Flashing@ – sponsored by We finished in 8th place, again, out of 82 teams this year – so again, like last year,  a top-ten-percent performance for our team at this unique and challenging race.

Just like last year, the 2012 Doughman had 5 legs. Each leg starts with an eating challenge before the athlete goes on to run or bike. Upon return, the next teammate is tagged and he/she eats and then races on. This is how we divided up the legs:

leg 1 – fluffernutter sandwich + 8-mile bike race ……….Craig Young
leg 2  –  veggie taco + 1.9 mile run + water activity ……. Gordon Keeler
leg 3 – fried green tomato sandwich + 2-mile run ……… Jurgen Henn
leg 4 – cuban slider + 2.3-mile run ………………………… Bill Copeland

leg 5 dessert + team sprint
…… Jurgen …….. Raspberry Coconut Popsicle
…… Bill ………. Strawberry Cupcake with Almond Buttercream Icing
…… Craig ……… Chocolate Walnut Whopper Cookie
…… Gordon …… Salted Butter Caramel Ice Cream

Our team worked like a well-tuned machine this year. We put forth a solid performance on both the eating and the athletic contest – firing on all four cylinders, if you will. We raised around $400 and got a 2-Min. headstart. 8 teams got a 5-Min headstart for raising more than a $1,000 and another 18 (or so) got a 2-Min. headstart (incl us). And yes – I ran my 2-mile leg barefoot again this year. Most importantly, though, we had a great time, and raised a bunch of dough for a really great cause.

To me, both the course and the food posed a bit of a challenge this year. The fried green tomatoes on the sandwich were a bit chewy and hard to swallow. When you’re speed eating there is no time for chewing. I bit the slices of fried green tomatoes in half and swallowed each half. Then I dunked the bread in water, mushed it up and swallowed it. Done. The run was not hard, but I had to be careful because there were several gravel driveways and one area had some glass splinters on the sidewalk. Early on, I was passed by two competitors, which made me push too hard a the beginning. So I slowed down and found my pace. I focused on the only other competitor on the course I could see and slowly reeled him in and passed him 3/4 of the way. Towards the end, I noticed another runner catching up, so I stepped it up and fended him off until I tagged off to Bill.

I was happy with my run – I ran the 2 miles in 15 Min and clocked in at 17 Min total (with food). I had run my leg a couple of times that week, so I knew what to expect. And my feet had gotten used to the rougher city pavement :) I pushed hard and I kept the food down. It was a good race.

Team @Overheight When Flashing@ in action:

After race party at Dain’s Place – everyone gets to drink beer from the trophy:



Of course Dain takes a big swig as well!

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