Martial law in America

Today the US Senate rejected the Udall Amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) and decided to bring this country closer to marital law than ever. The NDAA contains language that declares that the United States is a battlefield and that the US military has the authority to detain ANYONE for ANY reason and INDEFINITELY. We already have a militarized police force, and we have seen the brutality with which cops in combat gear attack peaceful protesters. Now the Congress wants to unleash the military on us?

As if it was not bad enough that President Obama has assumed the power to secretly decide over life and death without due process or oversight, and over foreign nationals as well as US citizens, and no matter where they are. No, now Congress wants to declare war on America. Next thing you know tanks will be “cleaning” up Zuccotti Park and aerial drones will conduct “crowd control.”

What to do? Join the ACLU. Write your representative and Senators. Make your voice heard!

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