Ten miles barefoot

Today, I ran along Guess Rd, five miles North to the Citgo gas station at S. Lowell Rd, and back … 10 miles (16KM). The weather was beautiful, but the road seemed a bit busier than normally on a Sunday morning. I was only planning to add a single mile to last week’s 8M run, but I felt great at 4 miles, so I went for it. I did fine, but the last couple of miles I was pretty pooped, and my feet were sore. But I had to concentrate on my technique, so I would not hurt my feet. Every little sharp rock I stepped on sent a jolt of pain up my spine. But I kept my stride short and very light, my upper body relaxed, feet straight, head up, and finally I made it up that last hill! My feet were sore, but I had no blisters, no real pain orĀ bruises from the rocks. I did get a few looks from the church ladies, again, but that was about it. Now my goal is to make it all the way to the county line.

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