Hurricane Irene in NC

This morning, Irene made landfall near Cape Lookout on the North Carolina coast as a Cat 1 hurricane. We’re about 180 miles (290 KM) inland from Cape Lookout and so Irene was not a big threat to us. Still, we stocked up on food, gas for the grill and gasoline for the chainsaw. Just in case.

Below, the red X – that’s us.

Image credit: NASA

As it was, we just had a pretty rainy and very blustery Saturday.We had a few branches down and Laura’s store lost power in the afternoon. The horses were a bit nervous from all the wind and they probably did not get much sleep last night.

I drove all the way to Greensboro to get Jacob set up with a Bass Violin, since he’s decided to join the strings orchestra at his middle school. On the Interstate, we saw several convoys of line crews headed east, toward the coast. They’ll have their hands full for a few days.

So far, it sounds like Irene’s impact on the state was not too bad, although 4 people died in accidents related to Irene. Let’s hope Irene won’t make too much of a mess for folks up north.


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