Dodgum Latinum Comprendum??

So I knew that the Dodge Cummins Internet fori (better get my latin right) have a different modus operandus than the ole Ford bulletin board, but this is silly: I tried to sign up for a Dodge Cummins forum and had to pass a latin test!? Of course I failed promptly and now I am BANNED from that forum.

What the hell is the plural for PRIUS??

(And why do you have to know the plural of a Toyota car to sign up for a Dodge Cummins forum??)

I am so confused ….

[Update … I Googled (duh!) that question, and of course this is burning issue in a Prius-owners forum. The answer is this: if you’re talking about the Toyota, the plural is Priuses; if you’re talking latin, it’s – I’m told – Priora.]

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