kalunkalunkalunk ….

That’s what that truck said on Sunday. I knew it was a bad sound. Expensive. The sound of money down the drain. Well … this is the 1″x2″  hole where 5 grand of my hard-earned cash disappeared Sunday morning.

My mechanic says it was a connecting rod that broke and punched that hole in the bottom of the engine block. Turns out, on Powerstroke engines, connecting rod failures are not unheard of. Google it. I am pissed off. For a core component of an engine to fail like this is NOT acceptable. There are only 2 explanations I can think of: bad design or poor quality control. Bad maintenance does not produce catastrophic failures like this. I am DONE with Ford. DONE. I put up with their crappy shit … knobs falling off, door locks not working, the WORST cup holders in an American-made vehicle ever! But our Ford Taurus blew a head gasket at just under 90,000 miles and now a POWERSTROKE engine dies at just over 255,000 miles??!!

Why can I not get a Toyota diesel engine here? Why does VW not make a full-size pickup with a big ole TDI?? I guess I’ll try a Dodge with a Cummins engine next. I hope I have better luck with that.

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