Bomb squad


Today, around 10:30 AM, the building where I work suddenly was swarming with cops and security guys who were telling people to get out of the building. In a locked mail room at  Duke Press, someone had found a package wrapped in electrical tape, no return address, no postage. So they called the police, and the within a few minutes the Durham County Sheriff’s Department Bomb Squad showed up.

No fancy gadgets, just a bunch of cops – one of them in a “fat suit” (robots are for wimps, anyway). He suited up and went in. Five Minutes later he’s back, and the cops get orders to widen the evacuation area! So we went behind the train trestle and watched him get ready to go in again.

At that point it was lunchtime, though, and we decided to go to Tylers for lunch. Around 12:30 we got word that the evacuation was lifted and we could go back to work. Oh well … bummer. And the package turned out to be harmless, despite the electrical tape.

Of course this excitement did make the news

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