Lunar eclipse

An hour ago, at 3 AM Eastern, I rolled out of bed to check out the lunar eclipse. The moon was almost completely in the shadow of the earth. Only a sliver on the right side was still brighter than the rest of the moon. I bundled up and went outside and took a good look at it. The cold Winter air was crisp, the sky was clear  and the moon was bathed in an eerie dark orange color. Coyotes were howling in the distance.

I noticed that someone had left the door to the hay shed open and the horses had pulled out a bale of hay and were eating it. I put the bale back and gave them a couple of flakes (they have an entire roll of hay in the pasture).

Then I went back to the house and got Laura and the kids out of bed to check the cool astronomical event. But when they finally were all bundled up and ready to go out there was nothing to see! In the 15 Minutes it had taken them to wake up and get ready clouds had rolled in. How disappointing! So they went back to bed and I stayed up for a while to see if there is any chance of a break in the clouds – but no. I’m going to bed now, too.

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