First snow

Today, we had our first snow this winter. The weather report called for some flurries tonight, but instead we had about a 1/2 inch of snow this afternoon.  I went out around 5:00 to see if I could get to the grocery store, but even Guess Rd. was totally covered, and so I turned around. No need to risk anything for some goceries … going back up the hill it got a bit interesting with the Mercedes, as the wheels started slipping and spinning. Made it OK, but I almost had to walk home.

Funny – 10 days ago it was 77 Deg. F (25 C)  – I did not see this coming … Wally and Cleo are pretty well unfazed by the snow. They had their heads buried in the hay bale all day. Now that the apples are gone, the hay is dwindling rapidly, again.

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