The revenge for Wembley in 1966

Yes – undeniably England was robbed yesterday. Of one goal. Not of a game, probably.  But it was also an amazing, fateful decision that brought back football history and the moment when Germany was robbed. Not just a goal, but possibly the title, at Wembley stadium in 1966 at the Worldcup final when a goal was counted for England that was not one. So we’re even now!?

Jorge Larrionda’s mistake in yesterday’s game, as well as several other dramatic mistakes by other refs, like Tevez’ offsides goal in the Argentina – Mexico game, have helped reignite the discussion about technological aids for football referees to help make such decisions. The fundamental problem why  FIFA won’t even entertain the idea seems to be Blatter’s ignorance of the technology. I think after this Worldcup FIFA needs to talk to its top referees and make serious efforts evaluating and testing some of the available solutions. It seems there are some solutions that can help referees make such critical decisions and avoid making the game look anachronistic and foolish.

The amount of technology wielded to observe these games has vastly outpaced the tools the refs have to make their decisions. It is absurd that the players can point to a replay on the stadium screen that shows the player who just scored clearly offsides, and the ref has no clear procedure to reconsider his decision to let the goal stand. I’d really like to hear Larrionda’s opinion and whether he would have liked to have a way to quickly check an electronic device to verify his decision about England’s goal. I think it is important to get the refs input and buy-in on any new tools. But Blatter’s luddism is really not helpful.

[UPDATE 6/29: Blatter says he is now willing to discuss goal-line technology. ]

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