Big running week

Saturday thru Wednesday we were at the beach and besides lounging, eating and drinking beers I also did a fair amount of running. The weather was great – lower 70s, sunny with a pleasant breeze.

So since last Sunday, I ran a total of 28.35 miles (45.62 km) in 5 runs – all barefoot of course. At the beach, I ran 5 miles (7km) on Sunday, then my first 8-miler (13km) on Tuesday and the next day I ran 8 miles all on the street. Both runs were immensely enjoyable! No real problems at all. And on my second 8-miler I got real close to 80 Min, too.

Today, I did my lunch-run routine, together with Gordon. The weather was great and we got in the groove, so we circled East Campus 3 times and logged 6 miles between Brightleaf Square and Dain’s Place! Gordon kept on truckin’ … I had lunch and then I ran back via Green St and Duke St. and logged another 2 miles.

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