Togo election-fraud protest in DC

Over at Au Village, Togbui posted his account of the CMAF protest in Washington, DC against the fraudulent “election” in Togo earlier this month. (Yeah – you guessed it … the ruling RPT’s candidate “won” by a landslide.) Togbui writes:

We marched from the Togo embassy to the White House singing Togolese independence songs and scanding anti-RPT slogans like “Freedom for Togo”, “Fabre is the real winner of the elections”, “Free Togo now!”. We were holding signs that read “Togo is not a kingdom”, “Obama help free Togo” and others. The secret service at the White House let us protest near the fence of the White House after we showed them our authorizations.

The RPT’s mouthpiece had a snarky story about the demonstration and I think they tried to sound clever and dismissive. However, they come across more as relived that the demonstration was not bigger and that Obama was not in town to see the protesters. The headline is “Le flop de Washington” and that shows you exactly how much regard the RPT has for freedom of expression. They know that they are defending an impossible situation – the son of Togo’s late dictator, who was installed by the military after his dad’s death and who has an ethnic-minority controlled power apparatus behind him, wins an election by a landslide??!! They know this story stinks to high heaven, and I think they are really worried that Obama gets a whiff of this and decides to take sides. They should be worried.

(If you care to read the piece, search for “flop Washington” on  (in french) I won’t post a link)

All I have to say is that I am glad that the protesters made their voices heard. Next time I hope I can make it. Ablode!!

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