Doughman Season

Less than Six Months to the Doughman – the race is on May 29 – so I figured I’d kick off Doughman SeasonĀ  with a nice lunch-run to Dain’s Place. Oh yeah, baby! Lunchtime rolled around on Friday, I got into my running shorts and jogged the 1.1 Miles to 9th Street. Barefoot, of course.

Pretty interesting, running in town. This was my first time, and it’s a completely different experience from running in our semi-rural neighborhood or along a highway. You really have to watch your step. There’s dog poo, brokenĀ  glass, traffic lights … however, most of the run to 9th Street is along a nice trail on Duke’s East Campus. So it’s really not bad.

But running after a healthy meal – wow, that’s something else! Biking after scarfing down a meal was not so bad – you just have to will your muscles through the first mile or two. But running is hard. Your legs feel like lead and your stomach is filled with hot ball bearings! I had a cheese steak sandwich (with blue cheese and jalapenos) and a Seeing Double for lunch and I let that settle for about 30 Minutes. On the run back I was considerably slower – but that’s why I am starting to train now …

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