no more stinkin’ shoes

I had a couple more interesting runs. Sunday morning I ran 3.5 miles (5.3 KM) in the neighborhood. I picked one road because its old blacktop has been completely destroyed by log trucks and that rough, cracked surface is really interesting to run on. I think that one of the adventures of barefoot running is definitely finding interesting surfaces to run on.

Sunday I really focused on technique – high cadence, light touch, neither tip-toe nor heel, bent knees and NOT pushing off (that’s how I got my first and only blister). Run over water like a Jesus Lizard.

I also focus on my center (of gravity) – I use IT to control speed. Not my feet. My feet just run along. If I wan to accelerate I move my center forward – like on a Segway. The feet increase the cadence (not the stride!) because they must. Downhill is interesting. I keep the center lower and back to slow down. I can also increase speed and let gravity help, but the feet must be swift and sure-footed. (All this is based on Ken Bob’s advice – just put in my own words.)

Today I ran for the first time ever on the Al Buehler trail around the Washington Duke Golf Course – Durham’s most popular running trail¬† (because I was in the neighborhood anyway). The surface was new and fun – fine gravel on packed dirt. I also ran a bit on a small, messy, wooded access trail and on nice, smooth¬† pavement. The strange thing about the main trail was that on parts there was so much traffic that I had trouble focusing on my technique (which I still have to do quite a bit). After a mile running on gravel, walking in the grass felt really good! BUT no problems. No blisters … just a sore spot on the inside of my left foot – I think I roll the foot too much to the inside. I want to keep my feet straight and focused on my center.

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