We made it! We arrived in Accra, Ghana, yesterday at 8AM. Uncle E.K. picked us up and drove us to the house we’re staying in while we’re in Accra. It’s HOT – no rains yet (that’s a problem for the farmers!) but the house does have A/C. We use the cooling sparingly because we need to get used to the heat. No A/C in the lodge in Wli …

Yesterday afternoon we explored Kaneshi a bit. The kids got a bit of attention, some of it was a bit much, but overall folks a pretty laid back in the city. Kaneshi Market is very interesting – a throbbing, hive of local commerce where vendors offer everything from small appliances and reading glasses to live crabs and snails. In the evening we had our first bowl of fufu … and I had mine with grasscutter – delicious!


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