Another stupid biking accident

Last Sunday was a bit chilly but nice, so I decided to go biking at Little River park. I biked the 10 miles to the park and hit the trails. About two thirds into the trail, on a downhill, my front tire lost grip on some wet leaf litter, the bike slid into the side of the hill, I hit a tree sideways and then went flying over the handlebar. Not my worst fall ever, except that the little finger of my left hand got stuck behind the brake handle and broke.

I got up, looked around to make sure no one saw me :) and got back on the bike. It was another 3 miles of single track back to the park entrance, and another 10 miles back home. Riding the trail with a broken finger was painful and I had to be careful not to fall again because I could not grip the handle very well. 50 Minutes later I was back at home, and took a bunch of pain killers and had a couple of beers. That definitely took the edge off the pain.

Thursday I finally made it to the doctor and got the hand x-rayed. Sure enough – a nice spiral brake on he bone closest to the hand. So they sent me over to Duke Sports Medicine today. Doc said “yup, it’s broken.”  Got to keep that buddy taped for a few weeks. That’ll put a damper on my sparring lessons – damnit!

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