Steinmeier in Togo

German Vice-chancellor and foreign minister Steinmeier is in Togo for talks with Faure Gnassingbe. He appears to be following the new EU strategy of engagement with Gnassingbe, whereby they hope to win concessions on the development of a more functional democracy in Togo. Good luck with that.

Also, I cannot stand these idiotic descriptions of Togo that use the words “sliver” or “wedged” or “tiny.” Yeah – Togo is relatively small, but so are Bhutan, Dubai, Liechtenstein and many more perfectly respectable nations. The only “tiny” thing that is “wedged” is some reporter’s … uh … vocabulary.

One Response to “Steinmeier in Togo”

  1. Agbessi Says:

    Yeah man they like to talk about how small Togo is, that’s why they don’t seem to care what the Gnassingbe clan does to the 5 millions poor Togolese.