Mama Benz

Mama Benz

My new ride – a black 1991 Mercedes Benz 300D. She’s at 244,000 miles, and going strong. Well, right now she’s actually short a turbo, but that’ll get fixed next week. Even without the turbo she’s a mighty nice ride, especially now that she’s no longer on that stinky diesel, and running on homemade juice.

3 Responses to “Mama Benz”

  1. george Says:

    hi i own the same mercedes benz that has 164,000 miles. it doesnt have any problems except that a little oil drips from the engine. how much do you think this car cost? is it more than $400 because im about to sell it for that price.

  2. abdelkrim Says:

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  3. belbezzouh abdelkrim Says:

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