Last night it was freeeezing – the low was 10.9 °F / -11.7 °C. Big OOOPS! I did not add more petro diesel to the blend in the fuel tank in my car and the dam juice gelled up. I was worried about it, but when the car started I thought I was good … well, a couple of miles down the road the engine stalled and died.

So I had to call AAA and they sent a tow truck. I had it towed to my trusted mechanic in town, where they parked the car in the heated garage. Then I walked to work from there. Later, they bled the fuel lines and got the air out, and it cranked up just fine. I also added some petro, but tonight it’s not going to be as cold as last night. Just below freezing. The mechanic actually had two other stranded biodieselers in the shop today … oh boy.

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