Make love for peace

Happy Global Orgasm for Peace Day! What a wacky idea …

The Global Orgasm for Peace certainly has the same winking cleverness, but it also invites us to consider the power of collective thought. Does what we think really effect anything?

The project’s Web site points to the work of another group, the Global Consciousness Project, which is trying to answer that question. Directed by Dr. Roger Nelson, the GCP is a volunteer group of researchers from various disciplines, whose goal is to find out whether collective thought can be measured and scientifically validated.

Celebrate Global Orgasm for Peace Day, by Liz Langley, AlterNet. Posted December 22, 2006.

One Response to “Make love for peace”

  1. barış Says:

    War and killing. It will only stop when people stop hating, the patently mental exercise of nursing wounds and stoking the fires of revenge. You can’t put out the fires of violence with gasoline. You must remove the fuel. There has to be an effort to understand and “to remember that all men, even our enemies are human”

    – Hacı BektaÅŸ Veli

    There is a site that is trying to educate the West and show them that there is a tradition of tolerance in the Middle East and that we need to come together for understanding. Maybe you could help them promote the site.