batch no.4 progress

washtanksMy latest batch of biodiesel is looking pretty good. I washed it all week. I even built another washtank (left). Maybe tomorrow I’ll start drying part of the batch. There is no hurry – I still have about 30 gallons in stock.

Yesterday, after I built the new washtank, I filled it up with 25 gallons of biodiesel and another 15-or-so gallons of water, when I noticed that the damn tank was leaking all over the floor. Quickly I rigged up the pump, hooked it up to the tank and began pumping everything into the other tank. But the pump whipped the soapy water into an emulsion and could not move it! So I had to empty the contents into buckets and dump he buckets into the other tank! UGH!

When I fixed the leak today, I tightened the PVC adapter too much and broke it. I saw I still had a black iron 2” nipple, so I used that. Turns out that the iron nipple with the PVC ball valve works much better than the all-PVC business (right tank). It’s much sturdier.

(two more pics below the fold)


Below you can see my new washtank-stand design …


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