Piedmont Biofuels offers internship

Piedmont Biofuels in Moncure, North Carolina, has openings for interns next year (see flyer). If I were 20, I’d jump on this one myself! This is a great opportunity for a “total immersion” experience in the biofuels-powered, sustainability-focused lifestyle on a small biodiesel refinery/produce farm in rural North Carolina. Contact Matt if you’re interested (see the flyer for his email address).

Piedmont Biofuels is a cooperative run agriculture operation with strong interest in sustainable practices and renewable energy. Our farm consists of a small acreage market garden and oilseed crop research.

A main portion of our operation is a biodiesel research production facility. We currently produce biodiesel for our farm’s diesel tractor from waste vegetable oil. Piedmont Biofuels is also researching bioregionally sound oil producing crops for on-farm energy production. We also dedicate our building practices to recycling and utilizing varied green building like cob, earth plaster, and Hebel block. Other farm projects include a solar thermal heated production facility, a PV (photovoltaic) powered Biodiesel fueling station, glycerin refining and composting.

Piedmont Biofuels website, Nov. 2006

To be clear: this is only for enthusiasts – this is not a cushy internship, nor a hippie vacation. This is hard work, from chopping firewood to hauling waste veggie – they will work you to the bone. But you get to work with some real trail blazers in biofuels production, and you will come out of this internship with valuable experience from the cutting edge of sustainable lifestyles.

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