Iceland – leave the whales alone!

Dead minke whale On our trip to Iceland last year, I fell in love with this unique country, with its stark, fragile natural beauty and its friendly, quirky inhabitants. I learned a bit about the Icelanders, and I think I understand why they want to resume whaling.

Please don’t do it, Iceland.

There are many better ways to assert your independence and cultural heritage. How about exporting Icelandic beer or brennevin. Why not put all this effort you put into whaling into, say, making hákarl a hip, sexy appetizer for yuppies. That would make basically the same point, and it would not harm a sentient species.

I’d love to visit Iceland again, one day. But I won’t, until you call back your whalers. And I won’t recommend Iceland as a tourist destination until you leave those poor whales alone. Sorry.

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