Dirty, filthy ‘puters

Computers are not a green product. Their production, use and disposal consume huge amounts of energy and involve toxic chemicals. At work, I buy and decommission dozens of computers every year, and I worry a lot about the impact of my decisions on our environment. So I find the Greenpeace “Guide to Green Electronics” very helpful, indeed.

One of the areas where I have some influence is purchasing, and for a variety of reasons, I mostly buy Dell computers. So I am really happy to see that Greenpeace rates Dell as one of the best – not really good, but better than most.

I was really surprised when I read that Apple, the brand of the oh-so-hip and huggable, is still pretty toxic, especially the laptops. And even the Greenpeacenics are Apple-fans, but they sure do wish those Apples were greener.

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