The Mastermind of the Ugandan genocide

Joseph Kony Ochola John
The BBC’s Newsnight published an interviw with Joseph Kony (left), the leader of the so-called “Lord’s Resistance Army” (LRA), which is responsible for the genocide on the Acholi people of Northern Uganda. This is the first-ever interview with Kony, who is wanted by a UN court for war crimes. The BBC also posted an interview with one of the LRA’s victims, the 25-year-old Ugandan Ochola John (right) (warning – the contents of the interview are quite graphic).

The importance of this interview is probably not so much in what Kony said (which is not much), but merely in the fact that it took place at all. Maybe it’s a sign that the LRA is truly interested in peace talks with Museveni’s government.

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  1. youare a liar Says:

    You are a liar who ever you think you are. Museveni is responsible for the genocide in northern uganda and in the great lake regions being sponsored by you the prostetutes, the whore of Babilon the great that will certainly fall one day