Togo Worldcup disaster continues

In one way Togo already lost the Worldcup. Sadly, this loss was not inflicted upon the team, and the country, in a fair sports competition in the stadium. Rather, the incompetence of the football (soccer) bosses of the Togolese Football Federation (FTF) bear full responsibility for the current, sad state of affairs.

The lack of leadership within the FTF is almost comical. It seems rather unclear who is in charge there. Winfried Schäfer, who at one point was supposed to take over as coach, reportedly (de) said that “too many officials are running around” at the camp of Togo’s team in Wangen, and one of the coaches, Mawuena Kodjovi, is scheming in the background. Schäfer cited the persistent, total chaos and lack of leadership as the reason he lost interest in the job.

After Schäfer’s retreat, on Monday, Messan Attolou announced that Pfister would be back on the job. Reportedly, an intervention from Rock Gnassingbé, who is supposedly in charge of the FTF, brought about an agreement. Then, two hours later, a special envoy from the President of Togo, Faure Gnassingbé (yes – the brother of Rock Gnassingbé!) – the President of the Togolese Olympic Commitee Zoumaro Gnofame says that, no, Kodjovi Mawuena will be coach.

None of this helps to clarify to the rest of the world who is in charge at the FTF. But it does shed some light on the management competence of Rock Gnassingbé.

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