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Last night I received this email from Marc Dreyfors, who is a co-founder of Bull City Biodiesel, and who runs Carolina Biofuels and Forests of The World:

Today, a 23 year old Marine from Lousiana came by looking for B100 on his way back to Camp Lejune, NC. He had a very nice VW Jetta TDI on which he put an SVO kit. He wanted to fill up and find a way he could get more biodiesel. He was an adamant biofuels advocate, and said he had been to
Baghdad and did not want to go back. He understood the value of biofuels as an alternative to fossil fuels and what our fossil fuel “addiction” was doing. His buddies called him a “hippie Marine.” He, along with several other of our tank users, are military or ex-military and seem to have come
to the alt. fuel world because of their experience in service to our country.

We filled him a 50 gal. plastic barrel and four of us heaved it into the back seat of his TDI, putting it on a nice cardboard box to keep his seat clean. We gave him a $.20 per gallon break, which I hope the Coop will appreciate and stuffed him full of literature to take back to his buddies. We even included our “How to start a B100 Coop and Tank Trail Tank” from our website, carolinabiofuels.org. We hope that this may start a revolution down there. Maybe we should offer a special program for the military?

He wasn’t sure what he wanted to do with his life and asked us lots of questions about what we do and where he could go to college. We pray he doesn’t have to return to the Mideast, and that he can help get more military interested in real solutions to our geopolitical problems.


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