Biking Little River Trail

Pretty spring day today – so we decided to head out to Little River park instead of doing chores. First Laura got to run on the trails for an hour, while I helped Jacob practice riding his “thunderbike.” I also showed Julia a safe, easy part of the bike trail she could practice on. When Laura got back, it was my turn to hit the bike trails. This was my first time riding the entire Little River bike trail and I was really surprised just how much fun this trail is. It starts out pretty easy, and you can just do the quick, easy 1-mile or 2-mile loops, which are pretty good for beginners. The back trail, or upper trail, is NOT for beginners, however. The trail has some steep bowls and a bunch of logrolls – nothing outrageous, but certainly a bit challenging and a lot of fun. It’s also a pretty ride, as you climb up this little knoll above Little River, through nice, pristine forest. It’s very quiet, and even on such a nice Sunday afternoon it was not crowded at all. (So probably I should keep it to myself and not even write about it. But if the three people who read this start going there, too … oh well :))

I have to get on that trail more often … next time I’ll take a camera and take some pictures.

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