Go Heels

Photo by Chuck Liddy - NewsObserver.comReady for March Madness? This was a good weekend for TarHeel basketball – the boys beat the Boohoo-Devils in Cameron and the girls secured the ACC Championship!

After last year’s championship men’s team scattered to the winds, coach Williams seems to have managed to put together a brand-new top-notch team. Looks like they are fast and have nerves of steel.

And congrats to coach Sylvia Hatchell’s women’s team. They totally dominated the ACC this year.

This year’s NCAA tournament should be another good one. That is, if the sports writers restrain themselves a bit: “The game had that sausage casing-tight feel as most any other Duke-Carolina game.” (Luciana Chavez at the N&O) C’mon! I don’t know what’s sausage casing-tight here, but the editing ain’t it. Granted, I have never been to a basketball game, let alone to a Carolina-Duke game at Cameron. But sausage casing-tight!! Wow – you’re really pushing my imagination here. Maybe the Camoron Nutcases (or whatever they are called) are sausages in Dork-blue tights. Oh – whatever …

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