Sen. Obama wins Grammy Award

A politician winning an award for speaking? About himself? That’s pretty impressive …

U.S. Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) won a Grammy award Wednesday evening in a category rarely made for a politician: the best spoken word.

As the awards were announced at the ceremony in downtown Los Angeles, Obama was finishing his work day in Washington. He accepted the honor with humility and humor.

“While it is rare for a politician to speak for hours on end and be given an actual award, it is very flattering to win a Grammy,” Obama said in a statement. “But, I can assure you I’m not thinking about quitting my day job.”

Obama painstakingly recorded his autobiography, “Dreams From My Father,” over a combined stretch of about 15 hours in the sound booth.
Sen. Obama wins Grammy for words, Chicago Tribune, February 8, 2006

Barack Obama is a rising star in the Democratic party, and with his oratory talent he made a name for himself during 2004 election. His campaign for one of Illinois’ Senate seats beat first Jack Ryan and then Ryan’s replacement Alan Keyes easily, and Obama received 70 percent of the votes.

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